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Large Growth.
Big returns.

The future of safe cannabis investing is finally here now that cultivators and finance managers have merged.

With over 45 years of combined experience in cannabis cultivation, branding, marketing and an additional 50+ years in real-estate investing/ financial planning our team is ready to grow, with you.

With this experience and knowledge we will lead the way to build and upgrade the most profitable cannabis farms around to create highest returns possible for our investors.

Our objectives

Short Term Goal:

Currently we are building on a property in Nevada County that meets all the cannabis cultivation guidelines.

We are focusing on the the construction/permitting of existing properties in the legal zones of Nevada, Lake, Sonoma, Contra Costa, and Sacramento county for fast project turn around.

We are considering multiple developable properties in California that are the rare gems for cultivators to build a rewarding and prosperous future on.

Long Term Goal:

Provide a complete turnkey business for cannabis professionals or investors who wish to produce top shelf exotic flower strains.

You can either manage the project with your own staff or hire our company to tend to all your your cultivation needs onsite.

We will also be able to broker the sales of the flower to our network of dispensaries in key locations with high customer density to generate massive returns to the parent shareholders.

Creating a brand and pairing cannabis strains with celebrities will stimulate the perceived value and generate more revenue.


Cultivation Options

Finalize your purchase on the 40 acre parcel and develop the land to suit your needs. The 5 acre cannabis cultivation farm has multiple additional options; luxury home, cannabis manufacturing business, gym, web center for remote jobs, fruit trees, vegetable garden, farm to table/restaurant supplier, or to the farmers markets.

The turnkey locations will be sold with the approved permitting* and additional revenue upgrade options ready to start generating revenue immediately.*


Grow, trim, package, brand, sell, deposit every 3 months on cycle.

Greenhouse light deprivation

4K sqft (2.5K sqft canopy) This Greenhouse has an automated light deprivation system and will yield 3-4 harvests per year.

This is a great choice for rural locations and is best when paired with our solar system for total power independence.

We also offer a water evaporation unit for the creation of up to 1,500 gal* per day for locations where drilling a well is too costly.

The farm only needs 2 workers to operate and 1 sight manager to oversee the production cycle after cycle.

Exotic Flower will be the main source of generated revenue but with pre-rolls and edibles using all small nugs and sugar leaf, there will be no waste and greater profit returns.

Indoor Exotic

Indoor 4K sqft building(2.5K sqft canopy) with up to 100 LED lights with automated watering system.

The indoor growing method produces the highest quality exotic cannabis on the market, and ruffly 25% more than outdoor.

This is the choice for top shelf growers who want to control every aspect of the cultivation process to create the “next big thing” celebrity strain.

Indoor cultivation uses less water but has a higher demand for consistent power.

The cost to build up the location, hire competent staff, provided high quality nutrients, and the tier 1 equipment costs are higher but offset by substantially larger profit returns.

Single source products like pre-rolls, edibles, & hash command top dollar to the consumer market.

Grow, trim, package, brand, sell, deposit every 3 months on cycle.

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Brand Ambassadors

Andrew Linn

• Marketing Manager
• Online Retail Specialist


• Netflix Canna Chef
• Project Manager

Kelly Woodward

• Cannabis Infused Skincare Formulator
• Cultivation expert

Flii Stylz

• Legendary Choreographer
• Canna Developer

Kevin Ross

• World Champion Muay Thai Fighter
• Canna Consultant

Kelly Woodward

• Cannabis Infused Skincare Formulator
• Cultivation expert

Andrew Linn

• Marketing Manager
• Online Retail Specialist

Thomas Pridgen

• Grammy Musician
• Canna Liaison

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